Other Uses For Compact Pallet Forks

Pallet Forks for Compact Tractors

If you have a tractor or a skid steer then you really want to consider getting a compact pallet fork. While many think pallet forks are limited in use they are greatly mistaken because compact pallet forks are many hidden and un-thought of uses. Below we will go over other uses for Compact Pallet Forks however first lets explain a few things about pallet forks.

Learning About Compact Pallet Fork

Pallets Forks obviously got its name from the design and intended purpose which was to lift up pallets. They were also first designed to be used for skid steer and are now commonly used with tractors as well. Over the year’s new designs came out with tweaks and features to make using them safer and easier. As an example the removable and adjustable forks are features you should really consider when purchasing a new pallet fork. Also they type of support bars and weight capacity are things to consider.

Compact Pallet Fork Videos

Here is a video that explains some of the features and quality build that goes into these pallet forks.Here

How To Video for Pallet Fork

Video 1 Transcription:

Hi, I'm Ted from Everything Attachments, and we're here today with our new lineup of pallet forks. This is the set of pallet forks that would go on a full-size tractor or a skid steer. These are forthcoming. Right now, they only come in 42- and 48-inch lengths, and they come in two different thicknesses of forks for different loads. They come in 1 3/8", which is what this is in thickness, for 4,400-pound lifting capacity at 20 inches from the bend, or they come in a 6,600-pound lift capacity at 20 inches from the bend, and you'll have both of those choices.

If these are going on a skid steer and you have a cab machine, you're gonna need a step to get in, and depending on if your door opens from the left or the right, this step can be moved from one side to the other. I don't know if you can see in the black, but there are indexing marks here where we put everything in here. So it's precisionally made to fit your quick attaches, a standard universal type, and be right every time.

These are your standard forklift style forks that have the easy clasp here to lift, which lifts the half-inch pin up out of the grooves, pops it right back in. We've beveled this back edge here because this pocket is not completely square. It's tapered at the top, and when you bevel that back edge, it really makes them slide a lot easier. There's no notch in the middle, and I'll show you from the other side, because that's where you remove the fork from and you don't want to ever operate a set of pallet forks with the fork directly in the middle.

We've added extra bracing here to support the quick attach. We've kept all of the slats totally vertical and thin, where you have a good viewing area. Especially on a skid steer, you've got to be able to see what you're doing. We've put a strong back brace on it, so when you lean your load against it, you stay safe as an operator. And if you'll notice, this frame comes out, so the edge of the frame matches the fork there where you're not shifting your load back further. A lot of the forks I've looked at, the fork is actually sticking out the width of the fork further than the frame, so you've got a gap that your load has to kind of shift to before your guard's able to do any good. So this is all level right here to make a good backstop for you where you're not having to shift your load.

And with a tractor, you don't need this, and with a skid steer you do. It works fine on either as long as you do this. If you'll notice, the pad where your quick attach goes to, it's on an angle. A tractor has a lot of rollback, so if you're picking up a pallet of shingles or something and you want to roll it back a little bit, even if that pad was flat, you would have enough curl back on a tractor. But on a skid steer, especially a lot of the track machines, when they're rolled all the way up, they're just barely a little more than completely vertical, so we put an angle on it right here so you'll still be able to get a little pitch on it to bring your load back against your guard here.

You'll see that we've cut this notch out here and that has to be in there so we can put the forks on and off. So to remove a fork, you're going to move it to the center, lift it up, and that will allow it to come off of the top rail there. Just remember to never use it in that center position because it can come off.

But we now have five different sets of pallet forks we're coming out with. You'll see them show up shortly. You'll see them in the fields shortly. We look really forward to getting into the pallet fork market. We have been marketing some forks that were made in South Korea, as it says on our ad, and we're just glad to bring all of...anything we can. Even though they were good quality, we didn't have any problems with them, we want everything that we can make at Everything Attachments to be made in the United States, so that's what we're working for. We're glad to have our new lineup, and we want anything that you need question-wise, whether it's tractor, skid steer, we'll be happy to help you, here at Everything Attachments.

Video 2 Transcription:

I'm Ted from Everything Attachments. We're going to show you the compact pallet forks, and we're going to show you why they're compact pallet forks, and how they're designed. Now, this is about as large a tractor as you would want to use for these compact pallet forks. These are rated for up to 50 horsepower, 1800 pounds of lift, and they do use a round rod, but they're not what's called a "floating fork", which I hate. If you put the round bar at the top of the fork, then the fork will float. In other words, if you had a pallet of trash, and you wanted to dump it into a dumpster, when it gets to about a 30-degree angle, the fork will just start to float out. It won't let you dump it off the end of your forks.

These will let you turn it totally vertical, drop whatever you want off. If you want to put down pressure on them, you can. The way that they work, they slide real easy if you pick up on it a little bit. God, they're hot. It's 100 degrees today. OK, so they slide over easy, but what keeps them from moving around is they're hitting here, they’re hitting here. The pipe is in the middle so when it pushes sideways, it locks and jams. You can't make it go over, unless it doesn't have a load on it, and you slide. So, it slides over easy, locks into position easy, works great. They're built specifically to be light for compact tractors.

Now, we do a lot of these for John Deeres, especially the little CX 200s. The forks that John Deere offers are just too heavy. They take too much of your lifting capacity away. These are perfect for anything up to about this size tractor. We're going to show you how to lift some pallets and things with them. It has a small rack on it. The key to these forks is using really good high-quality steel, instead of mild steel; being able to keep it thin and light with a full visibility so you can see what you're doing. There's nothing worse than a set of those forks that goes inside your bucket. They're going to bend your bucket, and you can't see what you're doing. Everything by Construction Attachments is made in North Carolina here, in the good old USA.

This was about 2,000 pounds of topsoil. I've used some on it. Probably weighs about 1600, 1800 pounds now. So, having a set of pallet forks around the house is just great. Every time you want to move something, it sure does beat moving them any other way. So, just remember to keep a set around because you've got a quick attach on the front of your tractor. As easy as they are to put on, you'll be surprised how often you find putting them on and off.

Now, something to keep to remember for safety that a lot of people don't think about. A tractor needs to be weighted properly because the key thing with using a set of forks is that both rear tires have to stay on the ground to be stable. As soon as one tire lifts off the ground, the front is not a solid straight axle. It's on a pin in the center. And then, when the rear end lifts up, it's going to go one way or the other, and that's how you turn over and get hurt. So, remember to keep your tractor weighted properly on the back, and remember that that front axle has a pin in the middle where it pivots. It's going to let it shift if the rear end comes off the ground.

Okay, so we're just going to unhook this regular bucket here. This has the standard universal quick attach, two levers. Okay, pull out of your bucket, peanut. We also do offer this in the John Deere-style quick attach, which the John Deere-style quick attach is going to be the hitch that has two round hooks that go over the top, and then you have two round pins that come out that go through your tractor's faceplate. And, you know it if you've got it. You put your two lynch pins in from behind. Works pretty good, but I like the universal quick attach a lot better. Even John Deere is now offering the John Deere-style hitch, or the regular universal-style hitch as an option, to get away from their own hitch. Come on in. So, it's that easy to hook up.

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Compact Pallet Forks for Sale

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EA Skid Steer & Tractor Pallet Forks

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Other Uses for Pallet Forks